Learn About the Foundation

The Fred North Charitable Foundation is a registered Canadian charity.


Fred North came up with the concept of setting up a charitable foundation in 2007.  The idea was that it would be able to receive a share of the profits from his businesses each year as well as receive donations from other individuals, companies and organizations.


The wheels were put into motion and on October 17, 2011 the Fred North Charitable Foundation became a registered Canadian charity (80057 6001 RR0001).


The charity currently makes gifts/donations to other registered Canadian charities (qualified donees).  Specific emphasis is put towards helping children and young people, mostly local, but also abroad. This is done while keeping in line with the Fred North Charitable Foundation's mission of helping those less fortunate achieve their goals. Specific areas of interest are environmental conservation, education scholarship programs and supporting the lives of less fortunate children.


The Fred North Charitable Foundation has a goal of having zero administration costs.  The entire charity is run by volunteers.  Screening of administration costs is done on the Canadian charities that the Fred North Charitable Foundation donates to.


Money can be donated though various methods.  These can include one time donations, monthly donations and donations through wills.  Fred has willed the majority of his assets to the Fred North Charitable Foundation.

If you have any questions about the Fred North Charitable Foundation please feel free to contact us.